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When we finish up a service request and close out the ticket, an automated email will go out to the main contact on the ticket. That email has always had a link to a customer satisfaction survey. While we love to get feedback on our services (especially considering that part of our team’s compensation is based on customer satisfaction), we weren’t getting the amount of responses we’d like – likely because the survey required a visit to another web site and required answering a few questions and it was a bit of a process.

Long story short, it was clunky and we knew we could do better. So we did.

We’ve implemented a new customer satisfaction tool into our closing emails and all it takes is a single-click to give us a ranking. On top of those closing emails, you’ll see this:

A single click on one of those rankings is all it takes to give a score to the tech that worked on your ticket. You are certainly welcome to leave a comment on the page that pops up, but it’s not required at all.

We take all comments and surveys to heart, good, bad, or otherwise, and we hope this enables you to provide easier feedback so we can serve you better.

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