Non-Profit Spotlight: New Each Morning

We recently started a feature in our newsletter focused on how we truly take our core purpose – “To Better the Lives of Others” – seriously, and the impact some of those organizations we support are making. We’ve featured four great organizations already: Hospice of RedmondHabitat for HumanityConvoy of Hope, Stone Soup Group, and Kid’s Lab. This month, we’d like to feature an organization that is dedicated to connecting women graduates of recovery programs to the people and resources they need to successfully continue on in their journey of sobriety: New Each Morning.

New Each Morning focuses on women who have gone through treatment programs and offering support to those who graduate to make sure they don’t fall back into the addiction lifestyle. Their goal is to equip women with purpose. According to New Each Morning, up to 85% of people who enter treatment programs fail to complete the programs. Out of those who graduate from treatment programs, approximately 50% fall back into the lifestyle of addiction. Sadly, post-recovery support is virtually nonexistent and they aim to fill that gap.

New Each Morning does this through a variety of services, including job readiness services (including search, shopping, and transportation assistance), foundational training and advocacy services, as well as ongoing support, workshops, and referrals. They work with recovery and treatment programs in the area to provide referrals to their program.

If you’d like to learn more about New Each Morning, visit their website at .

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