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One of the perks about being part of Office 365 is that when they come out with new features, you can be the first to get them. Outlook is coming out (or has come out) with some nifty new features for the web client, desktop client and the Android/iOS clients.

RVSP: Outlook has always made it pretty easy to invite people to meetings, but now Outlook now can easily show who’s coming. There’s a new “Tracking” option under “Meeting Occurrence” where you can see who has committed to the meeting and who hasn’t. This feature is available for meeting organizers and attendees as well.

Multiple Time Zones: If work with events that span multiple time zones, updates will make your life easier. You can now define meeting times across time zones as well as include time zone grids on your calendar to make it easier for scheduling out events.

BCC Warning: If you’ve received an email that you were blind-carbon-copied (BCC) on, others who received that email may not have known that you received a copy. If you decide to reply, Outlook protects you with a message alerting you that you were blind copied, in case you don’t want to reply to the whole group.

Bill Pay Reminders: Bill Pay reminders are now one of the many built-in events that can be automatically pulled from your incoming emails (including flight, lodging and package delivery information). Outlook will identify bills you receive via email, show a quick summary on top, and automatically add a calendar event with a due date.

Suggested Event Locations: In addition to Outlook being smarter about suggesting and remember common locations such as “My Office” or frequently used conference rooms, it now will start suggesting public locations as you type, filling out the full address (and if you use the Outlook for iOS, app, it will let you know when it’s time to leave to make sure you get there on time).

More…There are also several other new features that are coming. Read more about them on Microsoft’s blog post about the subject.

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