New Hold Music

While we check in with our clients all year long, this time of year, we meet with all our CompleteCare clients to have longer planning meetings to review the last year and plan for next year’s IT changes, projects, etc… . It’s part of our service. We are your IT Department and your virtual CIO, so we want to be less of a subcontractor and more a part of your business. These meetings are one of the ways we do that.

During these meetings, we also send a survey to the staff to get their opinion on what’s working, what’s not, how we could do better, what we do well at, etc… . One thing that came up during our meetings was the somebody didn’t like our telephone hold music. While we do our best to make it so folks are rarely on hold for very long, we want that experience to be pleasant. And frankly, we were just using the default hold music that came with our phone system and never really gave it a second thought.

We take client feedback seriously, so we wanted to change the experience. Our CEO and former lead janitor tasked his kids with creating a royalty free song to put on as our hold music. Since we don’t want you to sit on hold forever to listen to it (and we don’t know if it’ll be fully implemented on our phone system by the time you read this), you can play the file here:

Merry Christmas!

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