New Microsoft Power Toys Released

Image Resizer

We’ve covered the Microsoft Power toys in previous blog posts. This month is a new release with a few new toys:

  • Image Resizer Window Shell extension
  • Window Walker, an alt-tab alternative
  • Markdown Preview pane extension
  • SVG Preview pane extension

The first two utilities are the handiest of the bunch. The Image resizer code is tremendously useful if you work with a lot of images and need to resize a bunch at once. While this type of functionality is built-in to our favorite image viewer, it’s nice to have a simple one-function app to do it.

If you’re a keyboard junkie (like us – we love keyboard shortcuts), then you might want to peek at the Window Walker utility. It’s basically an alt-tab program selector, but keyboard friendly. Basically, you hit a keyboard shortcut (Windows + Ctrl) and start typing the name of the program or window you want to switch to, and go!

Window Walker’s code is based off of Beta Tadele’s Window Walker.
Image Resizer’s code is based off of Brice Lambson’s Image Rezier.

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