New Outlook and Teams Feature: Follow Meetings

Not able to attend an Outlook or Teams meeting but want to stay involved and have access to post-meeting information? There’s a new feature coming soon to Outlook that will allow you to Follow meetings. So when you get invited to a meeting that requests a response of Yes or No, there will be a new “Follow” button:

By clicking the button to “Follow” a meeting, it will notify the meeting organizer that you want to follow the meeting and will notify the meeting organizer to take notes, record the meeting, etc… If you’ve followed the meeting, you’ll have access to any notes or transcriptions created, including any of the AI-powered summaries created by Teams Premium.

When you click “Yes” to attend a meeting, it will block out your calendar in Outlook as unavailable. When you “Follow” a meeting, it will not block out the time on your calendar, leaving it free for other items and appointments.

This feature is rolling out over the next few months, starting with the new Outlook, followed by OWA and hopefully to the classic desktop client we all know and love soon enough.

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