New Outlook for Windows is Coming — Eventually

Microsoft has been working to consolidate it’s various forms of Outlook into a unified code base a feature set. For there record, as of late last year there were 10 different “Outlook” services or programs. Outlook for Windows – the mail app for Windows 11 – is basically the new Outlook app. Its look and feel is based on the Web App (aka OWA), with the same basic integration into those services. Long term, however, it’s going to take a few years (2025 at the earliest, per the below video) before the new Outlook app replaces the Outlook desktop app we’ve all know and love and been using with Windows for years.

This video from a couple Microsoft Outlook product managers talks about the new version of Outlook, time timelines, features, and more:

Read more from Microsoft and if you want to use it on your personal account, here’s some more information on how to do that along with quirks and limitations.

Summary of all this? Outlook is a critical application for many businesses. The older desktop application works great and integrates well with a lot of things, so we don’t recommend using the new one as your daily driver until kinks and feature parity is worked out. Check back with us in 2025.

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