New Teams Presenter Window While Screen Sharing

If you’ve ever screenshared in a Teams meeting, it used to be that it was tricky to see what’s actually happening in the meeting while sharing. Microsoft has created a new Presenter window to allow you to see what’s happening. It shows up to four meeting participants, as well as active speakers, raised hands, reactions, and a preview of shared content. You’ll also be able to see meeting notifications easier, appearing in the center of your screen so you can do something about them. This all allows you to more easily stay engaged with the folks in your meeting.

So how does it work? First off, join a meeting. And then when you share your screen or a window (Select Share > Screen or Window), you’ll notice the new window. It will show up to 4 participants and you can move the presenter window around your screen and minimize it or maximize it, etc… .

If you’re using a presenter mode while sharing your screen, the self-video tile on the bottom of the window will give you the option to change the presenter mode layout during the screen share.

Images and more information from Microsoft.

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