New Teams Together Mode

Since together mode was introduced in Teams years ago, it – like everything else in teams – has been updated/tweaked a few times since. They allowed you create your own Together Mode backdrops (which has since been moved to a Teams Premium feature), and gave it a significant update last year to update and add a few features.

While Together Mode is great for if you’re just doing classroom/lecture types of discussions, it gets a bit cumbersome when sharing content as it distracts from the content being shared. In the new Together Mode option, meeting participants are displayed below the shared content, making things a bit more natural.

Note that the full Together Mode is still available where you can get raised hands, reactions, and name labels.

To see this new mode (assuming it’s been added to your Teams, as it’s a gradual roll out), while in a meeting, select View > Together mode in the meeting toolbar.

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