New Translation Features in Microsoft Word

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The latest version of Office 365 includes a variety of updates. One in particular is useful to businesses who work in international markets: The Translator features in Word have received an update. This latest update now supports 60 languages, including 11 that use neural machine translation (meaning you get a better-quality translation). It’s pretty simple to get started with translating.

Select the text you want to translate, right-click and select “Translate.”

A panel will open on the right side of Word giving you a variety of translation and language options.

You can also use the Translate options under the “Review” tab in Word which would also allow you to translate the entire document:


Note that if you’re just trying to insert some special foreign-language characters, or you already speak the language and want to use Word to type in Spanish (for example), you can use special key commands to insert language-specific characters. See our article on foreign language characters in Word.

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