Weston Redesigns Its Website

    If you’ve been to Weston’s website lately, you may have noticed a change: We’ve redesigned things. Earlier this month we swapped our site to a new design, a new content management system, and a new message. Weston is obviously a tech support company, and has been since 1994, but our team is what makes us special. We’re constantly told that we not only have very knowledgeable techs, but we also have the most people-friendly folks working for us. We’re not just tech people, we’re people people. We take care of your people and the technology that those people use to power your business. Our new design reflects that.

    In the near future, we’ll be adding more content, further speeding up page load (it’s already much faster than our previous site) and making it the most secure IT company website out there. Let us know what you think by sending our web guy an email. And see if you can find our site’s Easter Egg (hint: 404).

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