New Year’s Technology Resolutions


    Over the past year, we discussed many ways to protect your technology allow it to help you better run your business. Coming into the New Year, we’re reminding you of some of those items to make sure you and your business technology are ready for the New Year.

    • Keep you systems patched the right way: The last thing you need is an automatic Windows patch bringing down your productivity because it conflicts with a critical line of business app. Managed Windows patching is the best way to make sure you’re still properly patching your Windows systems and not killing your business. If you work with medical data, HIPAA requires keeping security patches up to date, and we can help.
    • Plan for disaster before it hits: You never want to have a disaster happen, but you should learn from our example plan for disaster before it hits.
    • Better passwords with a password manager: One of the best ways to help protect yourself and your business is to use unique and strong passwords for online services. Use a password manager to make that job much easier.
    • Update your End-Of-Live hardware and Software: Windows XP support has ended and Windows 2003 Server support is ending soon. If you are using either of those operating systems in your environment, you need to resolve to fix that (we can help).
    • Update your antivirus: With Internet Explorer vulnerabilities becoming a big deal twice and ransomware becoming more prevalent, you need to make sure your antivirus is always up-to-date and you have good backups in place.
    • Plan for power issues: Power fluctuations can cause major damage to your critical network and server hardware. Get some power protection in place before you need it.
    • Encrypt your data: Whether its whole disk encryption or encrypted email, encrypting your client and company confidential data is critical, especially in regulated industries like HIPAA.
    • Train Your Medical Staff: If you run a HIPAA-regulated office, your staff needs to receive HIPAA training on a regular basis and we now make online HIPAA training available for purchase.

    Do you have any New Years tech resolutions? Share them below, or contact Weston today and we can help them become realities.

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