Office 365 NCE Price Increases Starting to Roll out July 1

OfficeWe’ve been making valiant attempts at keeping our Microsoft 365 Pricing changes article up to date with any recent changes we’ve been notified about, included recent GCC price increases and recently-announced non-profit price increases that are kicking in later this year. We knew that sometime later this year that everybody would be rolled into the increased cost of the NCE licenses at some point this year, we just weren’t sure when. We got off the phone recently with our license distributor, and they’ve been told by Microsoft that they’re going to start rolling over legacy subscriptions to NCE pricing and subscriptions automatically based on when those subscriptions are set to renew (which is generally 12 months after they were originally setup). We are still looking into this and once we find a good way to export the subscriptions we manage into a manageable format, we will be sending notes to clients as appropriate. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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