Office 365 Updates to Make Work Easier

One of the perks about Office 365 is that it’s constantly being updated and improved, with new features with every release. The last couple month’s updates have included some great new futures for using your voice and your scribbles handwriting in your Office apps as well as some other fun new features.

Inking in Powerpoint

Drawing Features: If you have a touchscreen laptop or Windows tablet, you can take advantage of the new drawing features. Using your finger, stylus, or mouse, you can convert your handwriting to text in Word or OneNote. The previously-mentioned PowerPoint Designer also has been updated with “ink” features and incorporates your scribbles into Design Ideas it shows you. Along the same lines, you can also use natural gestures to edit your document, giving you more freedom from your keyboard.

Gray menu bar with Chat button highlighted

Built-in Chat: You can now directly collaborate with folks in your office who are working on same document as you’re working on it, in real-time, with built-in chat.

Easier Focused Reading: Line-focus is a new feature for Word’s learning tools that allows you to focus on 1-line or 3-lines at a time.

Ideas in Excel: If you’re looking for other ways to understand your data, Ideas is a new tool that will analyze your data and return some interesting visuals that may show your data in an all new light. Click below to see it in action:

Excel Ideas

Click here to see Excel Ideas in Action

Office Dictation: Built-into the primary Office apps, the “Dictate” function allows you to turn your voice into text.

Between its new ink, gesture, and voice options, you may never need to touch your keyboard again!

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