OpenDNS Web Filtering Service Migration

Years ago we started rolling out web filtering solutions provided by Cisco’s OpenDNS service. It’s been a good service and has helped protect our clients, but Cisco has changed its pricing policy which more than doubled the cost to have the solution protect computers in the same manner we rely on. Starting this next month we are going to start migrating our clients to DNS and Web filtering from DNSFilter. DNSFilter is used by loads of companies in our industry and should provide better security, management, and flexibility compared to OpenDNS. You can read a comparison of DNSFilter compared to OpenDNS here. We’ll be reaching out to your company as we get closer to rolling things out to minimize any issues that might arise. The transition should be mostly transparent, but we’ll keep you informed so that if any issues arise you can let us know. If you have any questions about this transition, reach out to us.

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