Outlook Email Issue

    Microsoft Outlook 2013 logo.svgWeston is aware of an email display issue with Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft released a patch that made it so emails were getting cut off visibly and were impossible to read in Outlook. Microsoft has acknowledged the issue. To work-around the issue and put a band-aid on things for the moment, you either need to use Outlook for the Web (if available for your organization) or you need to uninstall the patch. If you are a Weston CompleteCare client, call your Weston support team and we can assist with downgrading your Outlook version to get you back up and running.

    Update on 5/12: Microsoft released a patch overnight that appears to have fixed this issue. A full restart of Outlook should fix the issue (as that should force the patch to install if you have auto-patching enabled), but call your local Weston office if you’re still having issues.

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