Outlook on Public Wi-Fi Just Got Easier

If you’ve ever tried to browse the web on a public wireless network, you know that sometimes there are hotspot or login pages that make the process a bit trickier. We’ve featured NeverSSL before that makes the process a bit smoother if the network you’re connecting to has a wonky portal system. However, if all you’re trying to do is download and read email in Outlook, it may not be obvious that you need to log into a hotspot or login page in your browser to get your internet connection working. Usually you’d get some technical SSL error or something, which didn’t make it very obvious as to what the problem was.

Outlook has a new feature that makes connecting to public Wi-Fi networks much easier. Using some features built into Windows 10, Outlook can now detect that you need to sign into a hotspot or login page to get online, and it will let you know via this handy banner:

Outlook Public Wifi Banner

This should help you get online quicker and get your work done.

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