Quick Tip: Outlook Out of Office from Outlook Mobile

Quick Tip: Outlook Out of Office from Outlook Mobile

Last month we talked about how (and why) to setup a out of office (aka vacation reply) in Outlook on your desktop. While it’s not quite as flexible as setting it on the desktop app, you can also set the out of office reply from the Outlook Mobile app – which comes in very handy if you’re like a certain content editor at Weston and never remember to set your out of office message before you go on vacation. Here’s how you set your out of office from the Outlook Mobile app.

  1. Select Settings (click on your user’s profile icon and select settings).
  2. Choose a Mail Account.
  3. Select Automatic Replies and turn it on.
  4. Choose if you want to Reply to everyone or Reply only to my organization. If you Reply to everyone, choose if you want to Use different messages.
  5. Select the check mark when you’re done.


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