PassPortal Password Manager Training Videos

We know managing a ton of passwords can be a tiresome process, which is why Weston started offering a password management system to our clients. We have the ability to offer PassPortal Password Manager to our clients so they can securely manage and share their own company’s passwords among their staff. While the system is very powerful, it can sometimes get confusing to use. Thankfully, N-Able, the company behind PassPortal, has a bunch of great short videos on how to use and administer the tool. They have a ton of videos, so below are the ones we find most useful for our clients:

Getting Started with PassPortal:

Overview of Browser Extension:

Add The Browser Extension:

Configure Browser Extension:

Using PassPortal Mobile:

If you are your company’s administrator for your PassPortal setup, there are a few other quick videos you might want to take a peek at, too:

Logging into PassPortal:

Navigating the Interface:

Selecting a Landing Page:

Add or Edit Users:

Manage Permissions:

Creating a Security Group:

Disabling Users:

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