WestonBlock Security Awareness Training

WestonBlockWe’ve posted more than a few articles over the years about the dangers of falling for phishing scams and how you can avoid becoming the next victim. Just the same, phishing — the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce you to reveal personal information like passwords and such — is getting more sophisticated and we still see folks fall victim to those scams. With phishing attacks arguably one of the leading ways that the bad guys can get into your network and your data, you need to make sure you watch out for those type of attacks. And the best way to make sure your employees don’t fall victim is to make sure they’re tested and trained to watch out for phishing attempts.

Weston now offers a service to help you do that. A new add on to our WestonBlock spam and email threat protection is the WestonBlock Security Awareness Training package. This add-on to your existing WestonBlock subscription will send out scheduled test phishing campaigns, built to test your ability to recognize phishing emails. It is setup so if the user clicks incorrectly on a phishing attempt email, that click is logged and that user is automatically enrolled in online training to help them recognize those kinds of emails in the future. You’ll also receive compliance reporting and executive summary with more details on the effectiveness of the test and whether folks are going through their training.

With cybercrime costing individuals and US businesses over $4.2 billion in losses in 2020 (most of that coming from phishing breaches), it can get really expensive for your business if you fall victim to phishing attempts. Make sure your business and your employees know how to recognize phishing attempts with WestonBlock Security Awareness Training. Contact your local Weston office today for pricing and more details.

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