Microsoft Introduces Plain Text Paste PowerToy

We are fans of the Microsoft PowerToys, and wish they would just incorporate them into the Operating System as features and settings instead of being a third-party utility. In the latest release, they incorporated a Paste-as-Plain-Text PowerToy that enables plain-text-pasting to apps that don’t support it. While it’s supported in quite a few apps, it wasn’t really supported in Office apps, requiring a different shortcut. This PowerToy allows you to use a custom shortcut throughout Windows at a system-level so you don’t have to worry if the app supports it. So you can install PowerToys and then set the screenshot to Ctrl-Shift-V to have the feature system-wide.

While Microsoft is already planning on incorporating the shortcut into Word, this will allow it everywhere.

We’ve updated our PowerToys information article with this new utility.

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