Perfect Your PowerPoint Presentation with Presenter Coach

PowerPoint LogoIf you are preparing to give a big presentation, it’s always good to practice. Ideally, you practice in front of other folks in your company so they can give you input on what you might need to change.

However, sometimes you need a little help that only AI-powered technology can provide, and you can get that with PowerPoint Presenter Coach, which is a feature built into PowerPoint for the web or PowerPoint for Android. Presenter Coach listens to your presentation using your device’s microphone and evaluates your pacing, pitch, your use of filler words, informal speech, euphemisms, and culturally sensitive terms, and it detects when you’re being overly wordy or are simply reading the text on a slide.

And then after your rehearsal, Presenter Coach will give you suggestions on ways you can improve you presentation.

This handy tool is included in your Office 365 subscription. Contact us today to learn how Office 365 can benefit your organization.

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