Project Moca: The New Outlook Today

Project Moca

If you are like many folks, Outlook is the center of what you focus on during your day. But obviously your entire workflow is not inside Outlook. Microsoft’s Project Moca was created to bring you workflow from other Microsoft applications all into one place. To quote Microsoft:

“With Project Moca, you can simplify your workflow so you can focus on what matters. Add tasks, goals, notes, files from OneDrive and other cloud storage providers, links, contacts, and even emails and events, all into one dynamic space. Each space has a flexible canvas so you can customize and view your content your way.”

Project Moca is still in preview phase, so things may change/break before it goes final.

The way we see this, Project Moca is a replacement for Outlook Today when it’s fully fleshed out. Now if we can see a dashboard like this show up in other planes (like Microsoft Teams), it would be perfect.

For a more in-depth look at Project Moca, check out Office Watch’s articles on Buckets, Notes, File and Spaces, Canvas, Captures, and Zoom.

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