What Is Weston’s Security Incident Response Methodology?

securitySecurity isn’t just something you should look for in your environment, it should be a requirement. A focus on security has been in Weston’s mindset for years. With managed service providers becoming a larger target for hackers, we have to be on top of our game to protect our clients’ environments – it’s one of the reasons we’re getting an outside audit done. With more and more regulations and insurance liabilities concerning your business information technology, it’s not only about saying you do something, but documenting that you’re doing something and document how you’re doing something and updating that process on an as needed basis. When a security incident occurs on one of our client’s networks, Weston has a well-documented methodology on our processes, what we do, how we alert our staff, and the various steps we follow. While we prefer to prevent issues with preventative maintenance, we know as well as anybody that no system is perfect at preventing all security incidents. Our methodology goes over identification, alerts, containment, eradication, recovery.

Because of the proprietary nature of how we do things, this isn’t a public domain document, but we’ll happily share it privately with folks who are interested. Reach out to your account manager and we’ll setup a time to discuss it and get you our documentation.

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