SonicWall Vulnerability Alert: Our Products are Safe


You may have seen some recent headlines about a vulnerability in some of Sonicwall’s products. As a Sonicwall Silver Partner with Sonicwall-certified engineers on staff, we are constantly watching out for these types of announcements. After looking into the security notice further, the announced vulnerability does not affect the products we sell (we don’t sell the SMA series of Sonicwall hardware). Relevant bits from the announcement:

  • SonicWall Firewalls: All generations of SonicWall firewalls are not affected by the vulnerability impacting the SMA 100 series. No action is required from customers or partners.

  • NetExtender VPN Client: While we previously communicated NetExtender 10.X as potentially having a zero-day, that has now been ruled out. The client is safe to use with all SonicWall products. No action is required from customers or partners.

We centrally manage and monitor firewalls that are part of our WestonShield program that we offer for our CompleteCare clients, and can push out firmware updates when needs arise. So rest assured we’ll keep an eye out for similar announcements in the future, notify you if something needs to happen, and come up with a remediation plan.

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