Tech Tip: Automatically Check Spelling Before You Send an Email in Outlook

    Outlook LogoWe’re all about the tools making your communications look more professional. We’ve already chatted about the Grammar and Spelling settings in Word. However, if you’re like most folks, you compose 100 emails for every Word document you write-up. So you should probably make sure the emails you have going to your clients are spell-checked before they’re sent. Here’s how to turn on this feature in Outlook.

    To turn this on, open up Outlook and go to “File > Options”:

    In the “Mail” options, under “Compose Messages,” you’ll see a checkbox for “Always check spelling before sending.”

    Check that box, hit “OK” to close things out, and you’re good to go.

    Now when you try to send an email and you’ve misspelled something, it will pop up a familiar spellcheck window:

    Click the various change or ignore options to tweak or correct accordingly.

    If you want to stop the process (as you noticed something the Spell Check isn’t catching), hit cancel and then click “No” on the “Send anyway?” dialog that pops up.

    Note: Spell-checker is only going to pick up misspelled words, but it won’t pick up wrong words that are spelled right. So it’s basically for spelling errors, not writing errors – so proofread beforehand as well.

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