Tech Tip: Set Apps to Run Full Screen Automatically


Some applications just work better or are more usable when running full screen (our ticketing system, for example, is one of them, as are many EMR applications). Some programs will default to full screen but some will require you to click maximize the window to get it to run full screen. Some apps will remember that you clicked on it to maximize it, but what if you want to open the program up maximized no matter what, and want to save yourself a click or two? There’s an easy way to do that.

Right click on an application shortcut that you frequently use to open a program. That short cut could be on your start menu or on your desktop. But right-click and select “Properties.”


It should default to the “Shortcut” tab, but if not, click on it.

Towards the bottom of that window, you’ll see a “Run:” dialog. Select that drop-down to see the various options: Normal Window, Minimized, and Maximized. If you always want that shortcut to open the app up maximized, click on Maximized, and then click on “Apply” to save.


Now whenever that shortcut is clicked on, the program will automatically open up maximized. While it may not seem like a big deal, if you are manually maximizing the same programs on a daily basis, this will save more than a few clicks every day, which will add up fast over time.

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