The First Microsoft Powertoys for Windows 10 Are Here

    We mentioned earlier this year that Microsoft was resurrecting the PowerToy brand. They’ve released their first utilities (both in the singular installer):

    • The first utility is a Windows key shortcut guide that will show a full screen overlay of available shortcuts when the Windows key is pressed. Since we’re huge fans of keyboard shortcuts, we can see this being quite useful for folks who don’t read our blog as much as you wonderful folks.
    • The second utility is a FancyZones window manager. If you run multiple apps side-by-side (which you might do if you run a large ultra high-resolution monitor), you’ll want to check this out. You can set custom zones and then simple drag and drop apps into these zones for the apps to automatically fill things out. It appears to not work quite right with multi-monitor setups quite yet, but if you run a singular monitor, this could be very useful. Watch this video to see how it works:

    We look forward to other utilities that come out of this project and looking forward to what the community contributes.

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