Trickbot Ransomware: You Still Need to Watch Out

    securityRansomware is a truly nasty piece of malware, holding your files hostage until payment is made. We’ve posted many stories about ransomware and its affects and ways you can recover from it, but there is some good news out there. Trickbot, which has become a serious nuisance infecting over a million computers, has taken a bit of a blow with Microsoft’s announcement that they’ve taken out a bunch of the command and control  servers used by the malware. Just the same, the Trickbot folks are still active as CISA, FBI, and HHS published an alert about this (and other ransomware) targeting healthcare and the public sector. We like to take a multi-pronged approach to ransomware by locking down local permissions, blocking emails that deliver these kinds of scams, centralized and monitored anti-virus software, using a local agent specifically built to monitor, stop and remediate malware like this, and making sure you have a good disaster recovery plan. Contact us today to learn more about how we can protect your network from the worst case scenario.

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