Tweaking Your WestonBlock Settings


WestonBlock — Weston’s Spam filtering service — allows you to tweak your own personal settings so that WestonBlock works the way you want to. In this article, we go through a few of those settings that will allow you to personalize WestonBlock to best fit your usage habits.

Update in April, 2021: The interface for WestonBlock has changed a bit from when this article was originally written so the screenshots below won’t be entirely accurate. We’ll leave the article text and screenshots below for archival and reference purposes but we now have some videos you can refer to:

WestonBlock Quarantine and Digest:

WestonBlock Advanced Quarantine and Logs:

The interface for WestonBlock has changed a bit, so the screenshots below won’t be entirely accurate, but the information is still relevant. Watch our videos above for more current information. 

First off, we need to log into your personal WestonBlock page. There are two ways you can do that:

  1. You can click on Sign Into Your Account in a Quarantine Digest report:
  2. Or you can navigate to

Once there, first time users will have to reset their password by clicking the forgot password link under the login button:

Click on the Forgot Password Link

Enter your email and click the Email button, this will send a password reset to you:

Input your email address and hit the Email Link

You’ll receive an email like this that you’ll need to click on the “Set Password” link to set your password:

You'll Get an Email like this.

Then you’ll be able to log into the portal.

After signing in, click on “Settings,” and you’ll see a screen that will look something like this:

The Settings Page (Click for Larger View)

Once you sign in, you’ll see a few links that you can click on to adjust your settings. Here are the important ones:

WestonBlock Digest Options

Digests allows you to view your current Quarantine Digest or request another copy of the email. You can also control settings such as when the digest is sent, what is included (all emails or only the new quarantined messages since the last quarantine digest, the latter being how WestonBlock was setup previously), and how long a quarantined mail is retained before it’s automatically deleted. In talking with clients recently, one of the biggest frustrations was having to review too many spam messages in the digest received daily. The best way to address this issue is to change your Digest setting for “Only include messages quarantined since the last Quarantine Digest was sent” to “Yes.”

Filters allow you to set up rules to control mail sent to you or mail you send. These are a bit of an advanced topic and the potential to break something in here is fairly high. If you want to try this, please get in touch with Weston.

Sender List Options

Sender Lists allows you to specify users that are Blocked Senders or Safe Senders. Blocked Senders are always blocked by WestonBlock, and never show up in your inbox. Safe Senders are always accepted, and emails from them aren’t checked to see if they’re spam.

Emergency Inbox is useful if your email server is down for some reason. This allows you to access mails that are currently waiting to be delivered to your inbox.

If you have any further questions about your WestonBlock account or how any of these or other features works, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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