Use a Second Camera to Share More in Teams

    If you’re like most of the folks in our office, you may be plugging your laptop into a docking station, so you can use a full size keyboard, mouse, external monitors, etc… . Something that many of us do as well is plug a higher-quality webcam into our dock, because webcams are laptops are notoriously low quality compared to something like a Logitech Brio. So we’ll use the external webcam as our primary webcam for Teams meetings so you can see our shiny faces in all their glory.

    That being said, if you have two cameras attached to a computer, you can actually do more in Teams. You can use a second camera to show content like a second video stream or a document or whiteboard, using your secondary camera. Here are directions on how to enable the second video stream in Teams, and see it in action with a product manager from Microsoft:

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