Using Lync To Connect With Your Office

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    Microsoft Lync is a hosted communications product built from the ground up to enable easy and instant office communications internally and with remote workers. Among the features:

    • Instant Messaging
    • Video Conferencing and meetings
    • Screen Sharing
    • Voice calls and conference calls
    • File Sharing
    • Integration with Outlook
    • Collaborative software capabilities
    • and much more!

    As a company with folks working from multiple locations throughout Oregon and Alaska, we all use Lync multiple times daily for video conferencing, collaboration, daily meetings, quick questions, and more. It’s been an incredibly invaluable tool for us, and with clients for Mac, Android, iPad/iPhone, it works consistently on a multitude of devices. There’s also a web-based version for when you want to run meetings with folks who don’t have the client installed.

    As with many Microsoft products, there are is a great deal of training material available for Lync, including loads of videos and tutorials. Lync is easy to use, but those tutorials will show you some features that you may not know about. 

    The easiest way to get Lync is to get an Office365 subscription. This will enable you to get all the great server-side features of Lync without having to maintain your own in-house Lync server. It will then also integrate with your Outlook setup so that you can see a co-workers Lync status from within your emails.

    Interested in getting Lync and learning about the advantages of Office365 for your organization? Contact us today.


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