Welcome To The Team: Dharma Chappell

Dharma Chappel

We’d like to welcome another member to our team, and it’s a name some of you may recognize. Dharma Chappell has joined Weston Technology Solutions as our new Solutions Consultant. While a full “Meet the Team” profile of Dharma will be coming next month (he just started, we decided to let him get his feet wet first), read on for a brief profile and what he’ll be doing for Weston

The reason that some of you may recognize Dharma’s name is you may have been a client of his years ago. Dharma was the founder and CEO of Microwing. Microwing opened its doors in 1989, where Dharma helped it grow by providing great service to Central Oregon customers.

In 2006, Dharma wanted to become an IT guy again, and Weston acquired the assets of Microwing in 2006. Dharma has been the Technology & Facilities Manager for Karnopp Petersen LLP, a law firm here in Bend, Oregon, since the acquisition.

After nine years in the trenches of the IT world, Dharma returns to Weston to live Weston’s core purpose: to better the lives of others. He brings decades of real-world technology and business experience and knowledge, and is going to be working with area businesses to come up with long-term, proactive solutions for their technology needs. Weston’s philosophy of being proactive versus reactive with your technology decisions is something Dharma hopes to share with your business.

We look forward to having him, and you can look forward to meeting him more in next month’s meet the team article.

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