Weston is Moving!

AnchorAfter five years on the South-West(ish) side of Bend, and now in our 25th year in business, Weston’s Bend office is moving. While we love this part of town, it’s very difficult to get anywhere from here for on-site client visits when necessary. As of April 15, 2019, Weston’s Bend office will be located at 2214 NE Division St, Suite 201, just north of the Parkway underpass. This location is much more centrally located with easy access to the Parkway for quicker trips to-and-from our clients (and a much shorter commute for a few folks).

What does that mean for you?
Our monitoring systems, chat tools, phone system and email are hosted offsite, so there will be no downtime of any of those services while we’re moving. There will be some downtime in trying to access our customer support portal during the move, but we’ll do everything we can to keep that as minimal as possible. As usual, we will be available to our CompleteCare clients for emergencies. All our office phone numbers will remain the same.

It does mean our primary billing and shipping address will change: Please make sure you update your records after April 15, 2019, to 2214 NE Division St., Suite 201, Bend, OR 97703-3552.

If you’d like to come see our new location once we’re up and going, send us an email and we’ll get something scheduled so we can give you the grand tour — after we get fully moved in ourselves, of course.

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