Weston is Now a SonicWall Silver Partner


Weston’s team is dedicated to learning. Technology is never stagnant, always moving and best-practices are always changing. We are constantly setting aside time for team members for continuing education and certifications so they can better protect and support your business. For example, we are partners and certified by some of the biggest names in technology, and now we have another one on our list: Weston Technology is now a SonicWall Silver Partner. To achieve that, you not only have to maintain a higher level of steady solution development with SonicWall network security solutions, but you must have on-staff expertise, training and certifications – which Weston has achieved. What that means is that when you need an expert in securing your network, Weston and SonicWall, partnering together in our WestonShield program, is here to help.

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