Weston’s Anchorage Office Is Moving

Weston Technology Solutions’ Anchorage office is moving! We’ve been fortunate enough over the years to be leasing space in the building of one of our long-time clients, ATS Alaska. ATS is fortunate enough to be growing and needs to take over the rest of the building’s space. We’re happy for ATS and want to thank them for sharing their building with us over the years. Eric is flying up as I write this to help GregDylan and Jeff move into the new space at 2627 C Street. By the time you read this, we’ll hopefully be all moved in.

What this means for you: We don’t get a lot of walk-in traffic to our current Anchorage office (many of you probably had no idea where it was), but it does mean if you are planning on dropping off or picking up equipment, you’ll have to go to the new location. All contact information and phone numbers will remain the same. You’ll still be sending payments to our Bend office, as before.

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