Weston Technology Solutions Awarded Additional Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft Certifications

Weston has been a Microsoft-certified partner for many, many years. We’ve also achieved Microsoft-certified competencies. Basically, to achieve a Microsoft-certified competency, you have to have a minimum amount of techs that have passed certain tests and your organization has to submit verifiable references to Microsoft. Generally, if a Microsoft Partner gets a competency certification, they’ll get one or two annually that they’re certified in. However, this last year, our techs have worked hard to learn and become masters in the technologies that drive your business. Because of that work, they have achieved more certifications, and now Weston has achieved not one, not two, not three, but four Microsoft competency certifications. We’ve achieved certifications in the following categories:

  • Silver: Cloud Productivity
  • Silver: Datacenter
  • Silver: Midmarket Solution Provider
  • Silver: Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions

What does this mean for you? It means that if you need experts in the Microsoft technologies that run your business, Weston Technology Solutions is the right choice.

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