WestonBlock is getting an upgrade!


    WestonBlock is our hosted anti-spam service that provides a great line of defense against spam and viruses. As part of our commitment to making sure our products continue to improve, WestonBlock is getting an upgrade, and many of these features will be free of charge.

    WestonBlock is already great at stopping spam and viruses in its tracks and provided the following features already: 

    • Rapid Service Activation
    • No hardware or software to buy, maintain, manage, or update
    • Advanced spam, graymail, and fraud protection
    • Virus and Worm Scanning
    • Content and Attachment Filtering
    • Email Attack Protection
    • Easy to use Quarantine Management Console
    • Email Spooling if your mail server goes offline
    • Optional encrypted email
    • Flexibility and scalability so the services can grow with your needs

    With this new version provides several more additional features:

    • The biggest new feature is automatic Full Email Continuity protection, including a web interface that you can send and receive emails from during a mail server outage. With email being a critical component of the operations for most businesses, this will allow you to continue to send and receive email if your email server is offline – either because of an internet problem, cloud problem, or hardware problem. This will allow you to continue communicating with your clients via email like nothing has happened.
    • Options for Comprehensive outbound email protection, which would scan outgoing email to properly identify and handle malware, inappropriate emails, unauthorized content, and company-private information before it leaves the network. This will also help keep your office IP address from getting blacklisted (which is a tiresome process to unlist), and will allow continuous mailflow as much as possible. This protection is now included with your base monthly cost, but there is an additional setup fee to get it setup properly with your Exchange server. Contact us for details.
      • Note that we will be adding this protection to our CompleteCare clients who use Microsoft Exchange and WestonBlock at no additional cost. We will contact you to schedule this.
    • ClickProtect, which will add an additional layer or protection to links that come into email to make sure they aren’t threats and are legitimate sites.
    • Additional Email Archiving options are available for industries that require it.

    We’re always striving to make our services better for you. Contact us today if you’d like us to help you get setup with the new WestonBlock.

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