WestonID Is Here: Login with Your Fingerprint

Password security is a topic we’ve discussed more than a few times on our newsletter. We are firm believers on strong password security combined with multi-factor authentication. We believe in making your systems secure. But we also want the right people to be able to have quick and secure access to the tools they need access to and security officers have the auditing (and the peace of mind) they desire. This is where WestonID comes in.

WestonID is a new multi-factor authentication service from Weston. With it you can login to your Windows system, your line of business apps and websites using a variety of methods such as a fingerprint, approval code on your smartphone or smart access card. If you calculate how many times you have to enter passwords throughout the day, as well as look up the ones you don’t have memorized, this type of login system can save minutes a day which calculates into hours a month.

However, say you (or your computers) are out of the office. WestonID can be setup to require more than just one method of login – say a password plus a PIN, fingerprint, or more, making sure that your remote employees are actually your remote employees.

Finally, the system can even allow you to recover your Windows password through these additional authentication methods, meaning you don’t have to call the helpdesk to reset your password should you forget it. While we love to hear from our clients, and will happily chat with you about your tech issues, we know forgotten passwords can be a frustrating show-stopper. This allows you to recover your password within a minute or so without having to call or chat us.

Interested in hearing more about WestonID and how it can help protect your environment and simplify access to critical business tools? Contact us today to discuss pricing.

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