We Are Not Weston’s Corner

There was once a time when we were the only Weston-anything in Bend. We’ve been in Central Oregon since 2002, in business since 1994, so we’ve rarely gotten confused with anybody else around here.

However, about once a week, we get a call from somebody about a charge on their credit card from a Weston’s Corner, assuming we put it there. If you Google “Weston Bend”, you’ll see our number and company up top, and folks will call us thinking we made the charge (which is understandable).

The problem: We are not Weston’s Corner, and while they’re probably lovely folks, we have nothing to do with them.

Weston’s Corner is a Sinclair gas station here in Bend, on the Westside of Bend on the corner of Galveston Ave and Columbia St in Bend, across from 7-11 and next to Westside Tavern. Here is their Oregon Business Registration and here they are on Google Maps.

If you have a charge on your card from “Weston’s Corner”, it wasn’t us. If you see one for “Weston Tech” and you don’t have a relationship with us already, by all means call us. But if you have a charge from “Weston’s Corner” on your credit card statement, you probably got gas or a snack or drink or something while you were travelling through the area. We’re a business technology consulting and support company and while having gas pumps in front of our office would be handy, it’s certainly not our expertise.

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