When Your Server Is Down, Can You Still Access Email?


If your in-house email server is having issues, your client communication should not suffer. With the full email continuity protection provided by WestonBlock, your clients won’t know your server is down. Click here to learn how to access the email continuity console and contact us to learn more about WestonBlock.

Full email continuity protection is one of the new features of our WestonBlock service. It allows you to continue to send and receive email if your email server goes down. You can log into an online interface where you can access a fully-featured email client that will have up to the last 60 days of received email. It’s a great way to make sure you can keep in touch with your clients while your server is being repaired.

But the real question is, how do you access the email continuity protection? This is something you’ll want to properly walk through and setup before you have a server disaster as it’s not something you’ll want to fumble your way through when you really need to.

You can access your WestonBlock account two ways:

  1. Your spam quarantine report. If you have a spam quarantine report email from the last seven days, clicking on the links in that email will give you instant access to your account, without a username or password. The links in those emails are active for seven days. Obviously if your email is down, you may not have access to your inbox, which is why it’s recommended to save a copy of those quarantine messages in a place that you can access should your connection to the mail server go down.
  2. Log In directly to the Control Console. You can log into the WestonBlock control console at https://westonblock.portal.mxlogic.com/ and access your account that way.

If you’ve never setup a password for your account on WestonBlock, you can do so the following ways:

  1. If you access your user account via your spam quarantine report, you can setup a password in there by clicking on the “Setup” tab.
  2. If your mail server is still up, head to the console at https://westonblock.portal.mxlogic.com/ and click on the “Forgot your password” link and you can have your password sent your way.
  3. If your mail server is down, you can select the option to have your password reset information sent to your Domain Administrator, which will send an email our direction that you need a password reset. You can also contact us directly and we can login and reset your password for you.

After logging in, click on the “Email Continuity” tab and you’ll see a fairly simple webmail interface to access your email (the “Email Continuity” tab is only available if WestonBlock cannot communicate with your mail server — it’s disabled otherwise).

After WestonBlock’s connection to your server is restored, all messages that are in your email continuity inbox, sent, and deleted folders will be delivered to your mail server. That way, any message you took action on when your server was down will be available to you when things return to normal. The subject will be prefixed with action that was done to it on the console, so any message you sent on the console will include a “[SENT]” prefix in the subject line so you can sort it appropriately (WestonBlock is built to work with multiple email server types, so it cannot automatically sort it into the appropriate folders when communication is restored).

Have further questions about WestonBlock and how it can help your business? Contact us today for pricing and details.

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