Windows 10 Is No Longer Available on New Computers – Long Live Windows 11

    We mentioned last year that Windows 11 was going to be the default operating system going forward on our standard configurations we sell from Dell. At the time (and up until about a month ago), we could still get Windows 10 machines and an additional expense by building out a custom configuration, but that is no longer an option. Microsoft officially closed the sales of Windows 10 licenses to manufacturers late last year, and now is permanently killing that temporary downgrade work-around. Long story short: Any new machine we sell going forward will be a Windows 11 machine.

    That all being said, if you have a line-of-business app that your business relies on, there’s a pretty good chance it will work just fine with Windows 11 as Microsoft has worked hard to make application compatibility a focal point of Windows 11. As part of the ramp-up for Windows 11, Microsoft tested 1.1 million applications and had a 99.6% compatibility rate, so things should mostly work.

    Obviously, you check with your software vendors for officially supported system requirements, but if they are having trouble, be sure to mention to your software vendors that Microsoft engineers are available as part of Microsoft’s AppAssure program to help get software vendors fully compatible with Windows 11.

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