Windows 11 Is (Likely) Coming to Your Next Computer

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    Back in September of 2021, when Microsoft first released Windows 11 on the world, we said to hold off installation (as they were offering free upgrades at the time). We never recommend doing a major OS version upgrade when it first comes out. The biggest reason was line-of-business apps that your business may depend on that might not have been compatible with Windows 11. That could easily cause your business productivity to come to a halt.

    It’s been over a year and a half since Windows 11 came out, and while it certainly has its quirks – like the taskbar being in the center but can be moved, or the cut/copy/paste icons which are a bit different – it is not nearly as bad as some versions of Windows were back in the day (we’re looking at you Vista and ME). But despite those quirks, Windows 11 can actually perform better and use less battery in some situations as it’s built to better take advantage of features in Intel’s 12th and 13th generation processors (the E and P-Cores we discussed a while back).

    Regardless, of whether you want to go Windows 11 or not, that decision is going to be made for you very soon: Dell’s next generation of business computers (their new Optiplexes, Latitudes, and Precisions) are starting to roll out to our quoting systems and are coming with Windows 11 Pro going forward.

    Can you still get Windows 10 machines? Yes, they still do have some of the slightly older (but still warrantied) Windows 10 desktops and laptops in stock. And we can do custom-built machines that can be built with Windows 10 on them, but those are quite a bit more expensive than a stock-configuration with Windows 11 on them.

    If you’re needing to get a quote from our sales team for a new computer and you need Windows 10 on the machine, please do let us know so we can make sure we build it out appropriately. Otherwise, we’re going to be going with Windows 11 going forward.

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