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While this blogger is a big fan of using Irfanview for his photo viewer, Windows Photos is still a useful product for a lot of people. With its recent updates that include some handy editing features, Windows Photos may be all folks need for basic photo editing and browsing. Here’s what’s coming out in the new version:

Background Remove and Replace

While there are online services that you can use to remove a photo’s background, having locally-installed software that will do the same is always handy (and usually quicker). With a single click in the latest version of Windows Photos, you can knock out the background and (if needed) replace it with a solid color.


When you’re looking at a photo and want to see other photos in that folder, press the “F” Key to turn on the newly redesigned filmstrip, which now has larger thumbnails and scrollbar and is easier to see and compare your current photo to others in the folder.

Timeline Scrollbar

If you’re looking for other photos taken care the same time as your current photo, Timeline Scrollbar has been added to all folders and is now dynamic based on your photo collection, making it easier to find photos.

Share via OneDrive

If the photo is backed up on OneDrive, you can easily share it via Photos, using a new right-click option.

If you haven’t been doing much in Windows Photos, now might be a good time to try it out.

Images courtesy Microsoft.

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