New Office Feature: Word Rewrite

Ever found yourself wanting to say something a little differently? Are you repeating the same or similar phrases over and over? Rewrite is a new feature in Word that is built to quickly find alternative ways to say what you are trying to say.

MS Word Rewrite in Action

This handy new feature is starting to show up in the latest Office 365 updates. If you have the feature enabled, select the phrase you want to change, right-click, and select “Rewrite.” The Rewrite pane will open up on the right side of your document, where it will show you both your original sentence and some rewrite suggestions below. Hover over an option to see a live preview in the context of your document, or click on a suggestion to change your content accordingly. If you right-click on a suggestion, you can have it read aloud the suggestion to see how it sounds:

Read more on the Office Insider Blog.

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