World Backup Day

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March 31 is World Backup Day. It’s a day where you commit to making sure you are running backups. At Weston, we believe backups are great. We also believe that having properly tested and monitored backups is even better. And for your business, we believe that a business continuity plan is vitally important.

That’s what we do: We specialize in setting up good continuity plans for your business technology and making sure it works. We’ve had to do minor file restores on a regular basis, but it’s always good to know when our disaster recovery planning works for our clients. For example, this morning, we had a client who had one of their critical servers brought down by a Microsoft patch overnight. While we test patches before rolling them out, and these patches worked fine on other servers, something about this configuration caused the server to not boot up properly.

That server was critical to their organization as it controlled the dozens of printers shared throughout their organization.

Thankfully we had a business continuity plan in-place with them. We were notified early this morning about this outage, kicked the hardware and software solution that we had put into place, restored backup from the hour before patches were run overnight, and they were up and running again this morning with minimal downtime. 

Contact us today at 541-383-2340 in Oregon or 907-375-8324 in Alaska to hear more about our business continuity plans or download our business continuity whitepaper

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