You Like Doughnuts, Right?


    Earlier this year we implemented a new single-click feedback system on our ticket closing emails. We also implemented it recently on our quote approval emails as well. It’s been quite useful for us as we’ve gotten much more feedback from our clients in a more timely manner. We’re now using the feedback rankings our staff receives (both technical and sales) as part of any sort of bonus calculations they may eligible for.

    Our goal is to make sure we serve you the best we can, so put a high value on the feedback we receive – good, bad or otherwise. At some point in the future, we even plan on showing comments, reviews, and ratings we receive (in real time) on our web site so folks can see how we’re doing (which is currently sitting at a 98% satisfaction rate, based on the last 300 reviews).

    While we have had a great deal of response, we always want more data and we’re going to bribe you with something we know everybody likes: doughnuts (or donuts, if you prefer), so we now have a Food For Feedback program. If your company submits feedback on a higher percentage of your tickets and approved quotes in a month than anybody else, we’ll buy your office doughnuts (minimum of five closed tickets or quotes approved per month to be eligible). We run the reports monthly and will contact the winning company to schedule a doughnut delivery. This month’s winner was the folks at La Pine Community Health Center.

    So keep an eye out on those closing ticket and quote approved emails for these faces…

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