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Recent blog posts

Friday Fun with Plant Care

Posted by on in Off Topic/Fun

What do you do when you have a good bit of skill with programming, are lousy at taking care of plans, and have some time on your hands? You create Please Take Care of My Plant. A community of Reddit users votes daily as to whether "Jeff" (the name of the Zebra Plant in question) gets watered or not. If they decide to water the plant, he gets watered via an automated system. If they decide to let him sit, he sits. The community thus far has taken great care of the plant, thanks to moisture readings provided by the system, and they've been able to fend off folks who have been trying to kill the plant by either drowning it or drying it out by rigging the votes. It's an interesting experiment as a whole and a fun one to follow. 

hipaaAnother story that is becoming all-too-common. From HIPAA Journal: “Lost Laptop Sees PHI of 3,725 Veterans Exposed.”

What is the moral of this story for your health clinic?

  1. Properly Decommission Computers: Any device, when it’s taken out of production and had any sort of access to PHI needs to be completely wiped and properly decommissioned. That means doing a thorough scrubbing or destruction of the data on the hard drive of the computer. Refer to 45 CFR 164.310(d)(2)(i) and 45 CFR 164.310(d)(2)(ii) for more information.
  2. Encrypt All laptops: The data on all laptops should be encrypted at all times as it’s your Get Out Of Jail Free card. If a laptop is lost with properly documented fully encrypted data, there is no way for it to be recovered and it does not have to be reported as a breach.

Need help with your technology and HIPAA? Call us today to learn about our HIPAA services including disk encryption and annual risk assessments

Tech Tip: Remember Ctrl-Shift-T to Get Your Tabs Back

Posted by on in How To

chromeWe’re all about keyboard shortcuts here at Weston. They are a boon to productivity if you don’t have to take your hands off your keyboard to use your mouse. We’ve already covered Word and Outlook keyboard shortcuts, but here is one keyboard shortcut for your browser that you should know: Ctrl-Shift-T.

What does this handy shortcut do? It re-opens the last closed tab. We’ve all been there: Accidently closing a browser tab that you meant to keep open. Hit Ctrl-Shift-T and your tab will come back. Hit it multiple times to bring back the last several closed tabs in your history.

Yes, each browser has a way you can do this with the mouse, but this short cut works just fine in Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox, so you don’t have to learn another interface.

Do you have a favorite browser shortcut? Share it in the comments below!

Tagged in: Tips Windows

KRACK Attacks Wireless Vulnerability

Posted by on in Alerts

krackattacksOn Monday a research paper released that discussed how an attacker could compromise the WPA2 wireless encryption mechanism. This vulnerability has been dubbed Key Reinstallation Attack (KRACK), aka Krack Attack. While this attack is especially effective against Linux and Android client devices, the paper goes on to describe that any device using the standard WPA2 wireless security is vulnerable and should be patched.

This is a dangerous vulnerability. In its current state, it is very difficult to execute and needs to have a very close physical presence to the wireless network being compromised. That being said, once code is released for this vulnerability, it’s only a matter of time before exploiting it becomes easier.

Tagged in: Security

Friday Fun with Weather Patterns

Posted by on in Off Topic/Fun

We could stare at this all day: Windy.com shows animated wind patterns on a large map. And it’s beautiful.