CompleteCare FAQ

Contacting Support

How do I get support?

Our goal is to make sure each issue has a Service Ticket created and tracked to ensure we reach a quality solution in the appropriate time frame. You can contact support through any of the following methods in order of preference:

  • Generate a Service Ticket through by emailing [email protected]
  • Call the CompleteCare Service Line at 541-639-3595
  • Use the Chat feature by right clicking on your Weston agent and choosing Contact Helpdesk or going to
  • Log in to our support portal on our Web site.

What information should I provide for better support?

When contacting support, please include the following information. This will help us better track your request and resolve your issue in a timely manner:

  1. Your name (ask a fellow employee if you don’t know this one)
  2. Your computer’s name (hover your mouse cursor over the W next to system tray clock to display the name)
  3. A description of the issue including the text of any error messages that are displayed
  4. Information on when this issue started happening and what the last thing to change was
  5. Information on whether this issue is happening to someone else that you know of
  6. The best time and way to contact you (phone, email)

Initial Changes to My Network

Who do I ask about what is covered under CompleteCare or not?

You can email us at [email protected] anytime or call your account manager and we’ll answer any questions you might need. Generally speaking, though, CompleteCare covers your existing environment and changes to the environment (addition or removal of equipment, for example) would be billable changes.

Will my password change?

Your password will stay the same when you first sign up with CompleteCare. However, we may be implementing security measures and best-practice policies that will force you to change your password more frequently than you did in the past and possibly to use a more complicated password. Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Weekly Maintenance

What happens on maintenance night?

Each week your machine is scheduled to perform a set of maintenance tasks and apply patches to keep it secure and running as well as possible. During this maintenance period please leave your machines on. You can logoff, but unless your machine is on our automated maintenance cannot be performed.

Some maintenance items may require a reboot of the workstations and servers. Please make sure you save any work in progress and close all applications before heading home. You will receive a pop-up notification on the day of maintenance.

If you remain logged in to your machine on the maintenance night, you may notice the next morning that drive mappings or network programs such as Outlook are not responding correctly. Please logoff your machine, then back on and these problems should resolve themselves. If they do not, please contact as described above.

What happens if I am still using my computer at maintenance time?

We know people work late. If you are still logged in and working while we are running patching, you will receive a pop-up asking if you’d like to restart. If you want to restart later, that’s fine. Just make sure you restart your computer the next available opportunity so that patches can be installed.

Do I need to be logged in?

No, you do not need to be logged into your computer. We recommend you save your work and log out of your computer, as your computer may reboot during scheduled maintenance.

WestonBlock (Spam Filter)

How do I whitelist or blacklist email addresses?

You can always contacts us to do so, but you can customize it as well. Follow directions to access the online WestonBlock portal here to gain access to your account settings.

OpenDNS (Content Filtering)

Content Filtering – what’s it used for?

Content filtering not only helps enforce company internet usage policies, but it also helps protect from known internet based threats like phishing sites.

Who can see what I have been browsing?

Your immediate supervisor, spouse and mom will be notified by email along with the blocked URL you were attempting to view. 😉

Seriously, though, your management team can request access to the browsing history of your computer, per your company’s usage policy. The content filtering is designed to protect you and the company’s resources and productivity and minimize downtime caused by potentially malware-infested sites.

What categories are blocked?

Known internet based threats are blocked, along with categories determined by the management team.

How do I request access to a website that is blocked?

There are two ways to request access to a site (note that requests that do not come from management may require approval before access is allowed):

  1. On the blocked URL page, there is a form that you can fill out that will email us the blocked web site and then you can fill out the form to request access.
  2. You can email the URL to [email protected]. This will get a service ticket going to have the site reviewed and unblocked.

In both instances, please let us know why you need access to that particular site so we can document the reasoning for whitelisting and allowing access.

Vendor Management

Can you help me with our copier service?

Sure! While we’re not copier experts, we can certainly be the liaison between you and your managed copier company to make sure the device is setup to best work with your environment and your users.

Can you help me with our telephone service?

We can act as a liaison and technical contact between your company and your telephone company or telephone system management company.

Can you help me with our internet service?

We can work with your ISP when there are issues causing downtime or slowness, and can also work with you in researching alternatives, if the needs arises.

Requesting Changes

How do I request a new user be setup on our server for a new employee?

Email us as soon as you’ve made the hire (to give us adequate setup time) and send your New User Setup form to [email protected]. Don’t have a New User Setup form? Email us anyway, and we’ll get one right over to you.

My computer is a piece of junk, can you replace it?

Contact our sales team at [email protected] and we’ll work with you to discuss your needs and get you a quote for replacement.

How do we deal with an employee termination?

E-mail us a [email protected] and send us your company’s user termination form as soon as you can. Don’t have a user termination form? E-mail us anyway and we’ll get one over to you. Note that we can keep requests confidential and pre-schedule disabling and locking out of the accounts, if necessary.

Do you charge to replace a computer?

Your CompleteCare agreement includes labor for a certain amount of workstation setups per year. Talk to your account manager for details on the quantity included in your agreement and how that number was determined.

Who do I ask about what is covered under CompleteCare or not?

You can email us at [email protected] anytime or call your account manager and we’ll answer any questions you might need. Generally speaking, though, CompleteCare covers your existing environment and changes to the environment (addition or removal of equipment, for example) would be billable changes.


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