We Have an IT Department, but We Need Help!

  • The Challenge:

    You have invested in your own IT staff but things don’t seem to be running smoothly. You are not sure what to expect out of your staff or if they are focusing on the most important items or just the most immediate items. You don’t know how to measure how they are doing compared to industry best practices. You need help!

  • The Goals:

    To free up your IT staff to do their best and highest contribution to your organization while ensuring that critical items such as reliability, security and business continuity are all covered every day.

  • The Solution:

    Weston runs a company based on managing IT staff, ensuring the team is focused on both the critical but often times ignored items and we know the best practice standards for our industry. Our CompleteCare Hybrid is the perfect fit to allow the splitting of duties between your IT staff and ours so we can help your organization thrive and allow you to focus on your business not just your IT.

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Let Weston Keep Your IT Department From Being Overloaded

We in the IT field can be a special breed of employee. Usually we are very analytical and sometimes not the best at people to people interaction. In addition, the job that we do is somewhat unfamiliar to those not trained up in the IT field. This can make setting clear expectations and managing us a challenge.

In a typical organization, the IT team wants to help people that have issues with their technology. This immediate type of support needs attention as other team members are not able to get their work done and need a solution. As a result, many times the IT team’s day is full of solving issues for other employees but many times some of the critical unseen tasks get overlooked.

What we normally see is critical items such as patching computers against security vulnerabilities, ensuring all antivirus is up to date and ensuring a proper disaster recovery solution is in place working as expected EVERY DAY is typically not done. This puts your organization at risk but it usually only comes to light when an issue such as a breach or a disaster occurs and at that point it is too late to prevent vs. just remediate the issue.

Weston’s CompleteCare Hybrid solution was designed to line out the critical tasks an IT team needs to do for an organization and assign out either your IT team or Weston’s IT team to own each of the tasks. This creates clear responsibilities and helps you know that the right things are being done each day. We also know the metrics needed to not only say things are being done but show you monthly that critical items are in a good state, before it is too late to do anything about it.

Does Your IT Department Need Help?


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